Hi! I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and illustrating professionally for nearly two decades. My distinctive painterly illustrations, which often feature portraits, have been featured everywhere from billboards, to comics, books and magazines, licensed prints, exhibitions, movie packaging, tv and film, and plenty more besides.

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I'm represented in the UK, France, Australia and Norway by Central Illustration Agency. I'm a Poster Posse Pro in the US and I'm also a Domestika Teacher*.

*Find out more and/or sign up to my Domestika course on painting digital pop culture portraits in Photoshop here. 

Over the years I've created artwork for a wide range of clients including Adidas, Activision, Apple, Arrow Video, Audi, The BBC, British Airways, Channel 4, CollegeHumor, Disney, Edgar Wright, Empire Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Eureka! Entertainment, GQ, Gymshark, Hasbro, HBO, The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, Gymshark, IRN BRU, Lucasfilm, Manga UK, Marvel Studios, MGM, Paramount Pictures, Penguin Random House, Picturehouse Cinemas, Pixar, Playstation, Prime Video, Renault, Rian Johnson, 20th Century Studios, SciFiNow, Sky, Sony Pictures, Spotify, Steven Soderbergh, STUDIOCANAL, Total Film, Twitter, Virgin Atlantic, Walt Disney Studios, The Washington Post, Waxwork Records, Wired and Working Title.

I've produced officially licensed pop culture artwork for properties, titles and artists including Andor, Ant-Man, Alien, The Avengers, Batman, Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, David Bowie, Call of Duty, Captain Marvel, Die Hard, Elton John, Fear Steet, Flash Gordon, Ghostbusters, The Godfather, Halloween, The Karate Kid, The Mandalorian, Masters of the Universe, Monty Python, Moon Knight, The Muppets, Peacemaker, Robocop, Rocky, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  Trainspotting, Transformers, True Romance, Scarface, Solo: a Star Wars Story, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Universal Studios (Back to the Future, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Hellboy, Jaws, Jurassic Park/World and Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's 'Blood and Ice Cream' trilogy), Valley Girl, WALL-E and The Warriors.

I've also contributed to more than 60 pop culture group exhibitions in the UK and US, including Star Wars Celebration Europe, and have been invited to talk about my work at various events and venues, including the MCM London Comic Con and both the Regent Street and Covent Garden Apple Stores in London.

Hosting a talk and live art workshop at the Covent Garden Apple Store, May 2019.

Mark Hamill

Pedro Pascal

"Dude this is fantastic! Perfect. So good!!"
Rian Johnson

"That is so awesome."
Edgar Wright

"This is effing awesome!"
Simon Pegg

"Beautiful work."
Jonathan Ross

"Sam just has a knack for finding the emotional core of every subject in his portraiture."
Adam Martin, owner, Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles

"Few people do a better job of capturing not just an actor, but the essence of a performance than British illustrator Sam Gilbey."
Cineplex Magazine



Hosting a talk and live art workshop at the Regent Street Apple Store, January 2018.

Speaking about my work at the Covent Garden Apple Store, March 2016.

My full BLAB talk, Band on the Wall, Manchester, February 2014.

I've spoken at Apple, Behance and Blab events, and taken part in several live drawing events and panel discussions. Please get in touch if you'd like to book me for an event. 

  • Vice Press Open House, Sheffield, June 2023
  • Star Wars Celebration Europe (official art show artist), London, April 2023
  • Thought Bubble, Harrogate Comic Art Festival, November 2022
  • MCM London Comic Con, October 2022
  • MCM London Comic Con, May 2022
  • MCM London Comic Con, October 2021
  • AMPjam Online Poster Convention, live demonstration, September 2020
  • Portrait Painting, Adobe Live, August 2020
  • Lunch and Learn, online workshop, Perspective Pictures, May 2020
  • Thought Bubble, Harrogate Comic Art Festival, September 2019
  • MCM London Comic Con, October 2019
  • Official Stranger Things art book signing, Forbidden Planet London Megastore, October 2019
  • MCM Manchester Comic Con, July 2019
  • MCM London Comic Con, May 2019
  • Apple Covent Garden talk and workshop, May 2019
  • Guest artist at Nottingham Comic Con, May 2019
  • MCM London Comic Con, October 2018
  • Thought Bubble, Leeds Comic Art Festival, September 2018
  • MCM London Comic Con, May 2018
  • Two panels on movie poster creation with The Poster Posse, MCM Birmingham Comic Con, March 2018
  • Regent Street Apple Store talk and workshop, January 2018
  • Wacom-sponsored panel on poster creation with Poster Spy, MCM London Comic Con, October 2017
  • Brighton Illustration Fair, October 2017
  • Thought Bubble, Leeds Comic Art Festival, September 2017
  • Behance 'creative portfolio powerup' event (talk and discussion leader), Google Campus London, May 2016
  • Covent Garden Apple Store talk, March 2016
  • Hastings Illustration Festival (HiFest), December 2015
  • Brighton Illustration Fair, May 2015
  • Hastings Illustration Festival (HiFest) – including participation in panel discussion, December 2014
  • BLAB speaker, Band on the Wall, Manchester, February 2014. Video above
  • Official Movember Gala Party artist, The Roundhouse, London, November 2013
  • Adidas Yamamoto F50 boot launch, October 2013
  • Ninja Scroll poster signing, The Hackney Picturehouse, London, November 2012
  • Glug 'Beautiful Summer' live artist, Cargo, London, May 2012


At the opening of Hero Complex Gallery's official Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron exhibition, May 2015.

I've contributed to over 60 group pop culture exhibitions, including official Marvel, Bad Robot, Bob's Burgers, Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon shows. Directors and actors including Wes Anderson, Joe Cornish, Nick Frost, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Gareth Jones, Ralph Macchio, Simon Pegg, Quentin Tarantino, Colin Trevorrow, Edgar Wright and William Zabka own my work.

Remaining limited edition prints can be purchased directly from Gallery1988Spoke Art and Hero Complex galleries.


  • Crazy 4 Cult, Gallery 1988, LA, December
  • Official WWE exhibition, Gallery 1988, LA, November
  • Official Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs exhibition, Spoke Art, NYC, November
  • Official Monty Python exhibition, Gallery 1988, LA, January


  • John McTiernan tribute exhibition, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, December
  • Crazy4Cult XI, Gallery 1988, LA, November
  • Miyazaki – second art show tribute, Spoke Art, NYC, October
  • Official Bojack Horseman/Netflix exhibition, Gallery 1988, LA, September
  • 30 Years Later, Gallery 1988, LA, July
  • Blacklight, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, May
  • Miyazaki – an art show tribute, Spoke Art, SF, February


  • Stars on Canvas 2016 (charity exhibition), London, November
  • SEQUEL 2, iambit, LA, November
  • Crazy4Cult X, Gallery 1988, LA, October
  • 7th Annual Wes Anderson tribute, Spoke Art, NYC, October
  • 20 Years Later, Gallery 1988, LA, July
  • Lord of Thrones, Spoke Art, SF, June
  • Cardistry, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, May
  • Official 20th Century Fox Bob's Burgers exhibition, Gallery1988, LA, May
  • 30 Years Later, Gallery 1988, LA, March
  • Wondercon, exhibiting with Hero Complex Gallery, LA, March
  • Zelda 30 year celebration, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, February


  • NYCC, exhibiting with Hero Complex Gallery, NYC, November
  • Daft Punk 3, Gauntlet Gallery, SF, August
  • 6th Annual Wes Anderson tribute, Spoke Art (at Joseph Gross gallery), NYC, August
  • Both Sides: a show celebrating heroes and villains, Gallery 1988, LA, July
  • Clue: an art show inspired by your favourite murder mystery, Gallery 1988, LA, June
  • 10th Anniversary, iam8bit, LA, June
  • Art show tribute to the works of Jeunet and Caro, Spoke Art, SF, May
  • Official Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, April/May
  • Is This Thing On? #4, Gallery 1988, LA, February


  • Crazy4Cult 8, Gallery1988, LA, December
  • Stars on Canvas 2014 (charity exhibition), London, November
  • Kung Fu Theatre, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, November
  • Bad Dads V (Wes Anderson tribute), Spoke Art, SF, October/November
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'Legend of the Yokai', House of Vans, London, October
  • Joss Whedon official tribute show, Gallery 1988, LA, September
  • Kubrick tribute show, Spoke Art, SF, September
  • Quentin vs. Coen: art tribute to Tarantino & the Coen Brothers, Spoke Art, SF, July
  • Kings of Cult: art tribute to Roger Corman & Joe Dante, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, May
  • The Subtle Art of Pop Culture (10 year anniversary show), Gallery 1988, LA, April
  • When The Lights Go Out 2 (glow in the dark show), Bottleneck Gallery, NYC, March
  • King for a Day (Stephen King tribute), Hero Complex Gallery, LA, March
  • In Dreams (David Lynch tribute), Spoke Art, SF, March
  • It Came From 1984, Bottleneck Gallery, NYC, February
  • Imagined Worlds, Hero Complex Gallery, LA, January


  • Crazy4Cult 7, Gallery 1988, NYC, December
  • Bad Dads IV (Wes Anderson tribute), Spoke Art, SF, October/November
  • Smile You Son of a Bitch! (Jaws tribute), Hero Complex Gallery, LA, November
  • Crazy 4 Cult 'Say Hi To The Bad Guy', Gallery 1988, LA, October
  • Art V Cancer (charity exhibition), 2022NQ, Manchester, August
  • The Official Edgar Wright Art Show, Gallery 1988, LA, August
  • RED (curated by Planet Pulp), Hero Complex Gallery, LA, July
  • The Official Bad Robot Art Experience, Gallery 1988, LA, April/May
  • Scorsese: an art show tribute (curated by Spoke Art), Bold Hype, NYC, April
  • The Humorist (Woody Allen show), Gallery1988, LA, January


  • Stars on Canvas 2012 (charity exhibition), London, November


  • Raw 5, Manchester, September


  • Spacenite 2 (Bill Mantlo tribute), Portland, December
  • Star on Canvas 2010 (charity exhibition), London, November
  • Images 34 (Association of Illustrators exhibition), London, September

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with the artwork I created for the test shoot of Paul, Shepperton Studios, 2008.

My artwork on a limited edition steelbook blu-ray cover of The Karate Kid. For Sony Pictures via Gallery1988.